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70 - 70-3 orographic lifting is 71:2 frontal wedging Warm...

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Unformatted text preview: 70-3: orographic lifting is _____. 71:2 frontal wedging: Warm air is ____ ___ and rides up over cold air and cold air is ____ ___ and wedges underneath warm air. 71-3: Convergence A pile up of ____ air flow results in upward movement. 72-2: localized convective lifting: ____ surface heating caused localized ____ of air to rise because of their buoyancy 72-3 UNANSWERED 73-1: Review: 1. When is RH highest during a typical day? When is it lowest? 2. What name is given to the process whereby the temp changes without the addition or subtraction of heat? 3. At what rate does unsaturated air cool wen it rises through the ATM? 4. Why does the adiabatic rate of cooling change when condensation beings? Why is the wet adiabatic rate not a constant figure? 5. How do orographic lifting and frontal wedging act to force air to rise? 73-2: ATM stability: Warn air is ___ ___ than cool air. Moist air is ___ ___ than dry air. A warm air parcel in a ___ environment will rise. 73-3: things to remember: Adiabatic cooling does not explain why the size of ____ and ____ rates vary. In general the ATM tends to be ____ and resist ____ movement of air parcels. Meteorologists determines the stability of the ATM by recoding the air temp at various heights, known as ___ ___ ___. Stability of a parcel of air is determined by comparing it's temp to that of the ___ ___. 74-1: stable air: ___ ___ : parcel of air cooler than the environment at all altitudes. This occurs when the ELR is ___ than the WALR. When parcels are forced high enough ___ will eventually occur. These clouds will be ____ and have little ___ development. Percipitation, __ ___, will be ___. ...
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