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74 - above the condensation lifting level it becomes...

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74-3: stable air: - Remember, ELR is ___ ___ DALR. - Parcel will want to: - If it does start to ___ it will warm, compress, RH will decrease, and will warm at DALR as it ____. 75-2: absolute instability: Absolutely unstable: parcel is ___ than environment at all levels When the ELR is ___ thant he DALR The rising parcel is always ___ and therefore lighter than surroundings. ____ clouds are clouds that keep building as long as moisture is supplied. 76-1: conditional instability: ATM is or is not in this state most of the time? ELR is between ___ and ___. Conditional stability: ___ air when unsaturated and ___ air when saturated. Parcel cooler than environment to condensation lifting level, but with the addition of latent heat
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Unformatted text preview: above the condensation lifting level it becomes ____. Conditionally unstable air will or willnot rise on it’s own because it needs a ___ ___. CLOUDS: 83-2: clouds formation: 1. Clouds form when ___ rises, can occur when air is forced over a frontal boundary or when air ___. 2. When air rises it ___ and ___. 3. At a height called the ___ ___ ___, ascending air reaches its dew point temp and ____ begins. Because conditions vary considerably from day to day and from place to place, the clouds that form also ___. (ATM stability)....
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