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84 - -Sometimes produces halos around sun and...

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84-1. Cloud classification: ____: horizontal, may be layered (stab le) ____: vertically developed (unstable) ____: high clouds (above 6,000m) ____: middle (2000-6000m) Low clouds are just plain ___ or___ or a combination _____. ____: Rain producing 84:2 How to tell what clouds are made of: Liquid water exists above _ degrees C. Both liquid and frozen water can exists between _ and _ degrees C Only frozen water can exists below _ degrees C. 84-3: Cirrus Clouds: Clouds are ___,___, and ___. They are ____ and form delicate veil-like patches or extended ____ ___. Indicate direction of upper ____ winds. 85-1: what cloud type is this? - Thin sheet of white, ice-crystal clouds that may give the sky a milky look
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Unformatted text preview: -Sometimes produces halos around sun and moon.-Typically when a broad layer of air is lifted by convergence 85-2: what cloud type is this?-Thin, white ice crystal clouds-In form of ripple or waves, or globular masses all in a row 85-3: What cloud types are these? 1. White to gray clouds often made up of separate globules, some clear sky between cloud tufts, usually formed by convection, commonly indicate t-storms later in the day. 2. Stratified veil of clouds that is generally thin and may produce light precipitation, the thinness of the clouds causes the sun or moon to be visible as a bright spot but no halos are produced, commonly association with warm fronts....
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