86 - 86-1 what cloud is this Layer of dark gray clouds one...

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Unformatted text preview: 86-1: what cloud is this? Layer of dark gray clouds, one of the chief precipitation producing clouds, associated with light to moderate precipitation of a long duration. 86-2: what cloud is this? Individual clouds with blue sky around, globular individual clouds, usually with a flat base, fair weather. 86-3: What cloud is this? t-storms, can breach tropopause, anvil top, heavy rainfall. 87-1: what type of clouds are these? They resemble jellyfish. 87-2: what type of clouds are these? Found in sinking air 87-3: what cloud is this? Strange, glowing, typically form in july and august. High up. 88-4: what cloud is this? They form when two layers of air or liquid of different denisities move past each other at different speeds, creating shearing at the boundary. 88-2: what cloud is this? Air forced over mountain can form waves with lens shaped crests. UFO appearance. 88-3: what cloud is this? Low produces t-storms, arcus clouds. ...
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