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extreme weather review - One saturdation is achieved, ____...

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Extreme Weather: 66-1 Adiabatic Temp change: adiabatic temp change is defined as: The ___ of ____ differs bc of water vapor in the air. Assume you have a parcel of air: - Heat is/is not added or subtracted from the parcel. - Rising air cools due to _____. - Sinking air warms due to ______. In nature, sometimes the surrounding air infiltrates a vertically moving column of air, a process called: ____. 66-2 As air temp decreases we get closer to the ____.
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Unformatted text preview: One saturdation is achieved, ____ beings. Condensation is a ____ of ____. 66-3 Three types of lapse rates to consider are? ____,____ and ____. 67-1 ELR: Change in measured air temperature with ___. Tropospheric average: ___ degrees C/1000m Local ___ vary. 67-2: DLR: _____ air cools at a constant rate. DALR = __ degrees c/1000m. This rate of cooling applies only to ____ movement of unsaturated air....
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