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Language and Culture: 8/24/11 - We can define language broadly as a system of symbols used to convey thoughts and feelings. - It’s at the age of 3 where humans start to take off. - Major language families of the old world: Map – refer to hand outs of the class. - Africa: (1) ~6,900 languages. Roughly 200 countries. Language families = indigenous languages = before colonial times. Afro-Asiatic. 4 languages. Nilo- Saharan = pink. Niger –Congo. Dark green. East African - long words with many parts to them. Banti languages = few clicks. Borrowed clicks from group 4. Khossan. - What is a language family? It is where you can find cognates in different languages. These languages come from common ancestors. - Europe: Iceland British Isles middle easy to Iran northern India. Also spoken in northern India and Europe. Language family that includes the branches of the family, Germanic, romance, Atlantic, Albanian, Romanian. Number 5 – basque. Unrelated to any other language. They are language isolate. It is the only
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