Sociology Notes 8 - Sociology Notes 8/24/11 Put SYG2000 in...

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Unformatted text preview: Sociology Notes 8/24/11 Put SYG2000 in subject if e-mailing. You May Ask Yourself Ch. 1 Notes:- What is sociology? Sociology is the study of human society. Any aspect that you find in your society/world you can study sociologically. - The sociological imagination: By C. Wright Mills, this tool helps us to: Connect our personal experiences to society at large and greater historical forces. ‘Make the familiar strange,” or to question habits or customs that seem “Natural” to us. Clearing your mind of all sterotypes for sociological study. - Social Institution: Social institutions are networks of structures in society that work to socialize the groups of people within them. Examples include: The legal system, the labor market, the educational system, the military, family, and religion. Solicit a prostitute, in Amsterdam, it’s ok, but in the US it’s not. Education is not mandatory for all children, so their structure is different. It’s important because we think of these things as stagnant, they are as we know them. The educational system was in the 1910-1950’s they have changed. Homosexual unions were not around 20 years ago. - Social Identity: The way individuals define themselves in relationship to groups they are a part of (or in relationship to groups they choose not to be part of). Different social roles, wife, sister, etc. Who am I? daughter, sister, Florida gator, student, etc. - History of sociology: Auguste Comte – developed the first theory of scientific study of society. Herbert Spencer – societies evolve through time by adapting to their changing environment. Emile Durkheim – interested in social bonds that hold people together. Herbert spencer is not in the book. He came up with social Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. He believed that society evolves by adapting to changing environment, just like animals do. Emile – first guy to use empirical methods to study society, did study on suicide. Individual action has societal influences. Took individual and made them important. Came up with two concepts – mechanical solidarity: means that in farming society – bonded by shared believes and traditions. Industrialized – bonds based on tasks performed. Organic solidarity....
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Sociology Notes 8 - Sociology Notes 8/24/11 Put SYG2000 in...

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