Chapter 13 Notes - Lecture Notes: Wednesday, December 1st...

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Lecture Notes: Wednesday, December 1 st Effects Studying the Effects of Electronic Media Scientific Methods - Experimental Methods – CAN SHOW CAUSE o Laboratory Experiments – performed under tightly controlled conditions, allow researchers to focus on the effects of one or more factors that may have an impact on an audience o Field Experiments – occur outside the lab, subject to contamination from outside events - Survey Methods – ONLY SHOW ASSOCIATION NOT CAUSE/EFFECT o Surveys research method that uses questionnaires or similar instruments to gather data from a sample of respondents. Longitudinal over a continuing period of time Ex. Trend Study Panel Studies same sample studied over period of time - Content Analysis systematic method for analyzing and classifying communication content - Meta-Analysis summarizes the main findings from a number of existing studies about a similar topic and uses statistical procedures to further explain the results o Critics complain that meta-analysis can oversimplify complex patterns of results Theories of Media Affects - Hypodermic Needle Theory – media “shoots” beliefs into people’s minds o Critics claim that this theory is too simplistic - Limited-Effects Theory – media does not have direct influence on audience. Influence is filtered by several factors. Media does not operate in a vacuum. It affects us based on our surroundings. o
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Chapter 13 Notes - Lecture Notes: Wednesday, December 1st...

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