Chapter 14 Notes - Lecture Notes: Friday, December 3rd The...

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Lecture Notes: Friday, December 3 rd The International Scene Comparative Electronic Media Systems - The analysis of media systems in two or more countries - Arrangement of a country’s media depends on political philosophy, social history, and economic systems - 3 classifications of media control EXAM o Paternalistic – government or agency in charge of media o Permissive – broadcasters are free to do as they please o Authoritarian – government controls media with specific objects in mind - 3 Ownership Patterns o Government Agency Goal: Mobilization Regulation: Strong Financing: Government Programming: Ideological/Cultural o Government-Chartered Corporation Goal: Education/Cultural Enlightenment Regulation: Moderate Financing: License Fee/Tax, Government Subsidy/Advertising Programming: Cultural, Educational/Entertainment o Private Goal: Profit Regulation: Weak Financing: Advertising Programming: Entertainment - Broadcast signals don’t stop at political borders - Pressure on government to move toward mass-appeal programming International Electronic Media - The analysis of radio and video services that cross national boundaries. Differences in Electronic Media Systems
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Chapter 14 Notes - Lecture Notes: Friday, December 3rd The...

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