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Exam 1 Guidlines

Exam 1 Guidlines - How satellite works in a broad general...

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Chapters 1 and 2, 50 Questions, don’t have to memorize names and dates, read, study powerpoints, Number 2 pencil Inventors and what they invented Navy involvement in war - how it impacted radio How radio advertising began Major radio networks Laws, what they provided for, wireless ship act of 1910, 1927, 1934 Frequencies: Amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, one more… Problems with radio Growth of TV, important people Impact of Hollywood on television, how relationship worked out Reality, news, news magazines, differences
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Unformatted text preview: How satellite works in a broad general sense TVRO Multi channel multi point distribution Growth of Cable, How it started VTR, Sony, Betamax relationship World Wide Web/Internet – services offered, arthurnet’s? effect on development of internet, how email started, package something?, role of usenet, how search engines allowed for the development of the web Show that you understand concepts, key milestones in development of radio, relationships involving the World Wide Web and the Internet Legal battle of regulation How did this legal issue have an impact on…...
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  • Fall '07
  • L.Benjamin
  • World Wide Web, Wireless Ship Act, world wide web/internet, Major radio networks, Early Radio companies, Multi channel multi

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