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Class Notes Exam 1 - What is Public Relations 08/19...

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What is Public Relations? 08/19 Challenges: - Managing its growth: o One of the top 50 professions for opportunity and salary potential according to o Current and projected income in the U.S. – 4.3 billion (6.86 by 2012) Common elements of definitions: PR is hard to define - Planned (Campaigns) - Adjusts (Adapting Campaigns) - Management (Especially during crises) - Counsels (Group unification, feedback) - Relationships (Hallmark Trees Example) - Two-way communication (Responses) - Monitors Environment (GM sells stock) - Opinion Change (Buying BP gas) - Analyzes (How to keep them engaged) - New Relationships (Bring people to the party) PR is both tactical and managerial Essential Elements of PR definition: - Deliberate - Planned - Performance (prove that you’ve done what you said you were going to do) - Public Interest (our job to help organizations be ethical because doing the right thing is usually profitable, builds trust and loyalty among customers, allows them to charge a premium) - Two-way Communication - Strategic Management of competition and conflict (corporate and non-profit) Public Relations as a Process: Race Model - Research (Formative) – Done in order to understand what we’re dealing with, i.e. public attitude, competitive element, etc. - Action – Developing objectives, what are we going to do? - Communication – Doing it, communicating with involved parties - Evaluation (Evaluative Research) – Boss is always asking “what have you done for me lately?” It’s an Ongoing Process - Formative Research and Analysis - Use Research to establish objectives/strategies - Develop Campaign - Execute plan/campaign - Evaluative Research - Use Research to adjust future campaigns The Components of PR - Counseling, Research, Media Relations (Avoid Enron, bigger than publicity, developing relationships with journalists in such a way that they turn to you as a source, building trust and respect), Publicity (getting information placed), Employee/member relations (ex. alumni relations), community relations (for UGA = Athens/Oconee area), public affairs, government affairs, issues management, financial relations, industry relations, development, multicultural relations, Special events, Marketing Communications
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Chapter 1- What is Public Relations? human relations? employee relations? public relations? international relations? 3 examples from Aug 19, 2010- eggs (what do eggs have to do with pr? there was an egg recall. ..they are causing salmenlela.); dr laura (shes a radio personality stepping out from her show at the end of the year- she is racially charged. ..said the n word too much); political communication Challenges Growth of profession -one of the top 50 professions for opportunity and salary potential -Current and projected income -US 4.3 billion (6.86b by 2012) Common Elements of Definitions 1 planned (public relations is deliberate- we analyze the situation and develop a campaign to address the situation) 2 management (what we do in a mangarial sense-particularly in crisis communication. ..must have
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Class Notes Exam 1 - What is Public Relations 08/19...

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