connections+between+Gopnik+and+Hitt - Anannya Dasgupta...

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Unformatted text preview: Anannya Dasgupta Basic Composition Connecting two quotes This is an important extension of your close reading skills. When you write your papers I want to see effective connection close readings in your paragraphs. Here are a few guidelines that I would like to remind you of: 1. When you connect two quotes, you have to clearly mention the relationship between the main ideas of the two quotes. Here is a list of possible relationships:- One supports or gives an example for the other. - One contradicts the idea of the other-One complicates the idea present in the other. There are other possibilities and certainly other words that can describe the relationship between two or more ideas; the ones I have mentioned show the broad range. 2. What is important in a connection close reading is the connection . 3. The close reading of each of the quotes guided by the connection you want to make . This is a very important point because you only have one paragraph to do it in, and depending on your connection you...
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connections+between+Gopnik+and+Hitt - Anannya Dasgupta...

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