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Anannya Dasgupta Guidelines for Paper 1 This will be your first attempt at a structured idea paper . The structure is logical both in terms of how your argument develops and what kind of evidence you use, and in terms of how the ideas are organized and presented on paper. The two are of course connected. Here are the most important features of the physical structure of a paper: 1. It must have a title: eye catching, exciting, and the essence of your project statement. 2. The first paragraph is the introduction. At the bottom of the first paragraph you give your thesis statement . A thesis statement is a clear articulation of your response to the assignment question. A thesis statement is often stated like a claim that you then prove in the rest of the paper. 3. Then you have a bunch of different kinds of body paragraphs, which we will discuss in detail later. Every paragraph must typically have these elements:
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Unformatted text preview: • Topic sentence: it is the first sentence of the paragraph which sums up the main idea of the paragraph. Another way to understand it is to think about it as a mini- thesis statement for each paragraph. • Either integrated quotes or block quotes that you close-read to build your analysis. • Clear analysis of quotes, or what you have to say (your voice) about the quote forms the biggest chunk of the paragraph and is the most important thing in it. • A transition sentence: it is the last sentence of the paragraph which builds a bridge to the topic sentence of the paragraph that follows it. 4. Finally, you have a conclusion paragraph. Which brings the reader to the logical end of the argument. There are various ways to craft a conclusion; we will get to these as the semester progresses...
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