February6Lecture - Cherokee Cosmology•Ani Yunwiya...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-6-08 - Cherokee Cosmology•Ani Yunwiya - Cherokee - Iroquoian Language Family•Systems of thought guide people as theyo Observe their surroundingso Explain what they see, who they areo Organize knowledge of the pasto Predict the futureo Cope with circumstances - stay with status quo or change•Cosmoso A complex universe characterized by order & harmonyo In contrast to chaos•Theory and Cosmologyo Theory - objectivity and experimentation; the goal is to control nature•Based on facts, experiments•Tries to predict or model the future•Lacks faith, wants hard noticeable facts, only things detectable with the five senses mattero Cosmology - experiencing both the physical and metaphysical universe•Relies on faith and spirit•Doesn't try to predict everything, some things are better off unknown•Shows respect towards universe, has certain practices or ceremonies surrounding events•Definition - A coherent theory of existence, organized around categories and...
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February6Lecture - Cherokee Cosmology•Ani Yunwiya...

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