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Chapter 7 Wednesday—October 5, 2011 CHAPTER 7—COMMUNICATION AND MEASUREMENT Communication What we tend to see o The “c” in the RACE acronym o 3rd step in the process Execution phase Goals of communication o Inform o Persuade o Motivate o Achieve mutual understanding Vitiate o How are we going to do it Effective communication o Perceive message o Process message and perception o Communication tools effective and appropriate for message Flyers etc. Public Relations Perspective 5 things to keep in mind o 1—message exposure Various formats used to get the message out o 2—accurate dissemination of message o 3—acceptance of message o 4—attitude change o 5—change on overall behavior The message you send out dictates the response you receive Receiving the message Communication model o Speaker Encoder o Listener Decoder o Loop process Speaker message channel listener feedback o Situation/interference 2-way communication o Symmetrical & asymmetrical
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Symmetric Use feedback t better themselves Asymmetric Just get feedback to have it Paying Attention to the Message Theoretical perspectives o Media uses & gratification theory Media wants to inform you or coerce you into action o Audience segmentation Passive and active audiences Passive—got to do something to get their attention Active—info seekers Understanding the Message Effective use of language Writing for clarity Use of symbolic acronyms & slogans Avoid o Jargon Phrases only certain groups know o Clichés & hype words o Euphemisms Form of double speak o Discriminatory language The Message Believing it o Source of credibility
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