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COMM 365 Public Relations: Final Exam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Which person/entity (in general) would have the most protection from, or likelihood of winning, a defamation suit? A) CEO/corporate leader. B) entertainment personality. C) private citizen. D) prominent politician. 1) 2) Unauthorized use of well - known entertainers, athletes or other public ±gures in an organization's publicity and advertising materials is known as A) celebrity poaching. B) copyright infringement. C) fair use. D) misappropriation of personality. 2) 3) Part of a copyrighted article that may be quoted directly, but brief in relation to the original work, refers to A) fair use. B) disclosure. C) trademark. D) fair comment. 3) 4) An idea for promoting a product cannot be: A) copyrighted. B) under government speculation. C) trademarked. D) under the purview of a non - employee. 4) 5) Which is not accurate with regard to copyright? A) lasts for life of the creator plus 70 years for individual works. B) 75 years from publication for copyrights held by corporations. C) In Europe, copyright protection lasts 50 years. D) "Mickey Mouse" law helped change the previous copyright guidelines. 5) 6) Which is not an essential public relations skill that is greatly enhanced by the use of computers? A) digital presentation. B) time billing. C) project management. D) interpersonal relations. 6) 7) Essentially, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all use this type of technology: A) instant messaging. B) social networking. C) media - controlled. D) satallelite media tour. 7) 8) The most widely used document issued by practitioners to news media is the A) pitch letter. B) fact sheet. C) media advisory. D) news release. 8) 9) This type of "memo", often bulleted, alerts media about upcoming interview opportunities among other uses: A) video news release. B) media advisory. C) boilerplate. D) pitch letter. 9) 1
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10) Which is not a critical consideration for global news releases? A) internet portability. B) language. C) cultural differences. D) political issues. 10) 11) Editors want the main facts of a news release listed A) in chronological order. B) after a brief introduction of the sending organization. C) in the headline. D) in the opening paragraph. 11) 12) Which is not a reason to use the inverted pyramid technique of writing releases? A) Editors cut stories from the bottom. B) Editors usually read just the Frst three or four lines of the release. C) Readers don't always read the full story. D) It allows for more creativity in writing. 12) 13) A quick reference tool ("crib sheet") for a reporter that gives additional background about an event, product, or company is a A) media advisory. B) mat release. C) news
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Assessment_Samples - COMM 365 Public Relations Final Exam...

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