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Intro to PR Exam 1 1. Define attitude.: Starts affecting behavior (only affecting self) DO 2. Define belief.: A commitment to an idea or concept based on personal experiece THINK. 3. Define opinion.: Imposing attitude to influence others' behaviors. INFLUENCE. 4. Define public opinon.: Is the average expresses opnion of a larger group. 5. Describe Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs from bottom to top.: Physiological Needs Safety Acceptance and Love Esteem/ Self-Esteem Sef Actualization 6. Describe the Agenda Setting Hypothesis: Main concept: INTERUPT Ideas -> Mass Media (Filter) -> Public "Gatekeeper Theory" Interveining Publics are MOST important 7. Describe the Uses and Gratification: Main concept: ENGAGE Ideas -> Public More Expensive Target a specific audience "Preech to the chior" 8. PR is a research based. ..?: Social Science 9. PR is. ..(5 things): A management function 2-way Communication Planned Activity Research-Based Social Science Socially Responsable 10. What are the 5 organizational settings?: Corporation
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