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Reilly McJury <> ThinkSpot Public Relations quiz results for chapter 6 1 message <> Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 8:03 PM To: ThinkSpot Public Relations quiz results for chapter 06: Research and Campaign Planning You got 18 out of 20 questions correct. The correct answers are marked below, along with your incorrect responses. 1: Correct In this chapter, your text uses the acronym DWD, which stands for __________. [ ] driving while drunk [ ] drinking while driving [x] driving while distracted [ ] driving while disconnected 2: Correct Which step in the public relations process provides the information that is necessary to understand the needs of publics and to develop powerful messages? [x] research [ ] communication [ ] measurement [ ] planning 3: Correct Studies show that public relations departments spend about _____ of their budgets on research. [ ] 25-30% [ ] 50-60% [ ] 10-15% [x] 3-5% 4: Correct Your text points out that using __________ can be a very helpful tool for helping you keep track of the competition.
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[ ] the Public Relations Society of America website [x] Google Alerts [ ] <em>Consumer Reports</em> magazine [ ] Google Talk
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Chapter 6 - Reilly McJury ...

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