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AAE 352, Summer The Glossary Project Learning Objective: Students will describe verbally the fundamentals of truss elements, inertia loading, Fnite elements, elasticity, torsion, bending, ±exural shear, failure, and buckling by developing a personal glossary of concepts and essential data. This glossary will be the only material available for reference on exams. To receive an exam, the student must Frst hand in the glossary for that portion of the course. A copy of the glossary should also be attached to the completed exam. The glossaries will be typewritten with a maximum of two pages (fronts only) for each exam. Grading Requirements: Both the creation of a glossary AND the Fnal product should be useful for you. The direct grade assigned to this portion of the work will be simple. Basically, does the glossary exist and does it have enough terms and deFnition depth to be useful. However, deFnitions and conceptual questions will be in all tests, so the knowledge will also be graded indirectly. Each portion of the glossary will count toward 5% of the Fnal grade so that the Fnal
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