January30Lecture - 1-30-08 - Sovereignty and Natural...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-30-08 - Sovereignty and Natural Resources:Indian Nations control about 2% of the land in the USo Originally Indians held the whole continent and settlers held small "islands" of landHowever, Indians control 10% of non-renewable energy resourceso 5.7 billion tons of coalo 5.4 billion barrels of oilo 37.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gasIndians set up trade "ideas" over thousands of years, arrival of Europeans quickly caused conflicts between trade idealsAboriginal Land Rightso Prior to Europeans, Indians had their own land rightsWere free to govern themselvesWere free to make treatiesAble to share territory or transfer a "title"o Europeans arrive, began to claim landDoctrine of Discovery Lands taken under the doctrine, that they could gain the lands because they discovered itMany missions and politicians objected to this manner of claiming the land The idea of a "Just War" becomes the center of this doctrine, Indians can have land taken from them because they aren't ChristiansIf a country got to an Indian group and converted or killed them all, the...
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January30Lecture - 1-30-08 - Sovereignty and Natural...

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