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EE 121b - HW 1 - 3c

EE 121b - HW 1 - 3c - 2 More involved way Suggest a...

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Hello Class, Regarding HW1 Q3 - some of you confuse on how could the IF' and IR' changes come about. There are two things that you can do: 1) The easiest way - Assume a hypothetical change to from IF to IF' (and IR to IR') and keep everything else the unchanged without worrying about the actual implementation.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) More involved way - Suggest a possible circuit implementation similar to the one shown on Slide 3-17. If you do so, please clearly explain your implementation details. The hint is to look at the delta-p transient response (like Fig. (b) on Slide 3-17). Regards, Chi On Chui...
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