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Class, Here is a table of material properties that I put together. I got these from Dr. Sun’s book. For the test, I m asking you to memorize the bolded materials and these three properties (please note that if you look up a different alloy or something, you will get different properties it s fine so long as you are either within 20% of these or can show me which alloy you used).
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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Merrill Material E (GPa) Sig_Yield (MPa) Density (g/cm^3) Aluminum 2024 70 324 2.78 Titanium 110 869 4.46 Steel 210 1500 7.8 CFRP (AS-4) – fiber direction 140 2100* 1.55 Epoxy 2.4 50 1.3 CFRP (isotropic) 70 1500 1.55 * This is really the ultimate strength, since fibers don ’ t really yield....
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