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Test2_objectives - Define relationship between...

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Unformatted text preview: Define relationship between equilibrium,verbally (glossary & test) compatibility, and boundary conditions Demonstrate an understanding of what a stress function is the needed equilibrium equations,show that it etc.). Simple shape Analytically (given and how to use it. For example, geometry, fulfills equilibrium, use Solve circular cross-sectional torque problems equations memorized Describe the behavior of narrow rectangular bodies in torsion Solve closed single and multi-cell thin-walled sections analysis Define shear flow, Use it to solve problems verbally & analytically Solve torsion 'thought experiments' Analytically, but no numbers - stiffer, less stiff, direction of torque, etc. Describe warping behavior, describe the effect of end effects on warping and torsion verbally Solve simple warping problems Analytically, both closed and open cells Torsion Define St. Venants Principle. Know thatverbally (test &true it isn't always glossary) Other terms: Neutral Axis verbally (test & glossary) Define shear lag, explain when it could occur & the result verbally (test & glossary) Draw Shear-Moment Diagrams FAST on a test Calculate I's for complex cross-sections FAST on a test List assumptions for Euler beam theory.verbally (test & glossary) Give examples where breaks down Solve simple beam problems FAST on a test Solve bidirectional bending problem test Describe what each term is in the general bending equation (Iy is the moment of inertia about y, etc.) verbally (test & glossary) Describe when the general bending equation must be& glossary) verbally (test used. Define transverse shear stress in a beam, simplify a beam down to web-stringer approximation verbally (test & glossary) Calculate transverse shear stress distribution test the difference glossary) Bending & Flexural Shear Describe timoshenko beam theory, whatverbally (test & is with Euler ...
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