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Test1 Design crit students Recognize parts of planes hwk Able to reduce wings, etc. to simplified structures hwk Use common loadings in FBD's test FBD, simplDemonstrate FBD's Variety of dhwk Demonstrate quick 'back of the envelope' solution abilities Elasticity Report concepts, analyze In tests, HW, thought experiments On a test Solve problems relating u to shape change to strain On a test, nAccurately Stress - coDefine the concepts simply & accurately (mainly in words). On a test Able to solve simple problems (given n find t) Principal stDefine the concepts simply & accurately (mainly in words). On a test Able to find principal stresses and directions On a test Accurately TransformaKnow difference between t and transforming stress to a different coord system On a test 3D stress-sDefine constitutive, define how these are found. Demonstrate understanding of the difference between uniaxial stress On a test Accurately Solve for stress when given strain in a full 3D state (and vice-versa) On a test, gAccurately Elastic StraKnow basic concept NOT on a tRoughly Plane elastIdentify cases of plane strain or plane stress + which constitutive model to use. On a test Accurately Solve 2D problems On a test, gAccurately Materials Compare the values of the relevant properties of several different types of advanced materials
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