January28Lecture - 1-28-08 - Preconceptions and

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Unformatted text preview: 1-28-08 - Preconceptions and Stereotypes:Misrepresentations of American Indianso Class drawings from last semester contained numerous tepees, feathers, archaically clothed Indians.o Are misrepresentations simply mistakes, or intentional misrepresentations that fuel political agendas?o Stereotypes often tell us more about the person using a stereotype than about the people represented in it.Misrepresentations in Imageso 1493 Columbus' Woodcut letterDepicted European king well dressed.Indians clothed in loin clotheso 1505 German WoodcutShows Indians doing acts that would be taboo in Europe Nursing Kissing in public One person chewing on an arm Random body parts dangling from a building roofo 1575 Discovery of AmericaHas America represented as a naked women Vulnerable Virgin woman and wilderness, representative of how Europeans believed America was pretty much deserted and emptyo 1590 DeBry's Engraving and John White's picturesJohn White tried to make an accurate depiction of Indians...
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January28Lecture - 1-28-08 - Preconceptions and

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