Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - a.ii. NMDA only if Vm is already depolarized b....

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I. LongTerm Potentiation (LTP) a. Long lasting increase in PSP b. LTP’s single pathway b.i. High Frequency Increase PSP amplitude b.ii. Synapse Specific c. LTP: Convergent Pathways d. Postsyn Requirement for LTP d.i. Need voltage Vm of Ca influx into postsyn cell to get LTP II. Postsynaptic Glutamte Recepterors a. Two kinds of receptors a.i. AMPA receptors: glutamate opens (EPSP’s)
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Unformatted text preview: a.ii. NMDA only if Vm is already depolarized b. Mechanism of LTP c. Molecular Models d. Evidence that LTP generates memories d.i. Blocks NDMDA Rs block LTP and memory formation d.ii. Gene knock out: remove block LTP and memory formation d.iii. Electrically specification block LTP d.iii.1. block memory formation...
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