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pp - Proceed and a graphics window will appear with the...

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Phase Portraits - pplane7 The routine pplane7 is already loaded on all ITaP machines as standard software. (If you are using your own copy of Matlab you may need to download pplane7 from http://math.rice.edu/ dfield ) You may also access Matlab (Matlab 7) through the Citrix Client : https://goremote.ics.purdue.edu/Citrix/MetaFrame/site/default.aspx To access pplane7 , at a Matlab prompt type: pplane7 A popup window will appear similar to that for dfield7 (see below). Correctly enter your system of differential equations and the range of values of the independent and dependent variables. Hit
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Unformatted text preview: Proceed and a graphics window will appear with the direction field of your system of differential equations. Click the mouse at any point and the corresponding trajectory will be plotted. • There are several options available in the graphics display window: printing, key-board input of initial conditions, inserting text, erasing solutions, zoom, etc. • You may have up to six (6) parameters to quickly vary your system of differential equations. • pplane7 is very similar to dfield7 in its syntax and use....
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