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Extra Credit - "Women's work during the Pacific War the...

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“Women’s work during the Pacific War: the Labor Volunteer Corps in Late-Colonial Korea” Janice Kim Student factory girl (pearl harbor era) o 15 left family farm to factory (industrial labor) Japanese colonial era Japan’s annexation of korea 1910 Asia pacific war (15 war) military, territorial expansion o World war ii Multi part event Many side wars Militarism Japanese empire o Suffering, Death to millions o Manchuria, korea, Taiwan Korea’s industrialization coincided with Japan’s colonization o Expansion was modest before Japan’s 1931 invasion o Factories directly recruited women from country side o Unify far east under Japanese leadership 1938 o Shift from light to heavy industry o Economic development Boeing vs tubesocks Population growth Urban migration Rise of industrial workforce Expanding at annual rate of 4-5% 8% 1939 14% 1945 urbanization 1939 200,000 workers 7000 factories Tripled in number in 8 years 1934-1945 7.5 million workers recruited to work in factories (Manchuria, Korea,
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Extra Credit - "Women's work during the Pacific War the...

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