Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - How did Neo-Confucian thought and Choson's...

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How did Neo-Confucian thought and Choson’s tributary connections to Qing China inform how Pak Chega, Yi Ik, #Sin Hudam, and An Chongbok responded to the influx of Western ideas during the late 18 th century? (pp. 101-4; 124-33) Early set of thinkers Shin, Hudam, western form of education (negative) Education help make one more moral, western thinking more selfish Juxtaposing Confucian morality, personal attributes with western education Order of learning, how can you learn math and physics if you haven’t learned morality o Author arguing for Confucian morality more important should be given privilege o Not cutting out outside knowledge, trying to bring it in as to not mess up Korea’s traditional learning. o More well rounded 129. Chong vs Sin o Christianity=abdomen, Confucianism=mind, less willing to incorporate western knowledge o Confucians here and now o Buddhism worried about rebirth o Westerns ignorant believing in nonsense, believing in wrong things. Not based on proper order Using the writings of Yi Hangno, Ch’oe Ikhyon, and Yi Manson, explain how these understandings of Neo-Confucianism and of Qing China changed as the threat of imperialism touched the shores of Korea in the late 19 th century. Do you see more continuities or more discontinuities with past understandings? (pp. 235-44) Later Interactions Direct contacts Neo-Confucianism 241, if we leave them unchecked… 243, the main thesis… o Fearful of Russian presence. Terrible idea, keep out Japan, America? A policy for Korea by China Tributary state to China (dependent state) Continuity with old school thinkers o Embracing possibility of interacting with some countries through treaties Different from first group
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Lecture 4 - How did Neo-Confucian thought and Choson's...

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