Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Lecture 6 Demoting an "Uncivilized"...

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Lecture 6 Demoting an “Uncivilized” China The Kabo Reforms (1894-96): Modernization under Imperialist Auspices o Tonghak Rebellion (China vs Japan in Korea) o Japanese strategy for economic privileges Rejected by Korean court o Occupation of palace (July 1894) and re-installation of Taewon’gun as puppet Deliberative (Reform) Council as supragovernmental body for Kabo Reforms The Kabo Reforms (1894-96): Radical Overhaul of Korean Institutions o Socially, Abandonment of Choson’s status system Yangban deprived of state-supported privileges Abolishing civil service examination Remaining slaves freed Level the social order Patrilineal ordering of families remained, but gender-based discrimination against widows remarrying ended o Politically and economically, limiting of King’s authority: Royal budget separated form state budget King’s control over new, specialized bureaucracy weakened Civil service exam ended to encourage merit-based appointment
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Lecture 6 - Lecture 6 Demoting an "Uncivilized"...

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