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David Lun HIEA 150 Professor Todd A. Henry First Paper February 1, 2010 The Great Divides Towards the end of the nineteenth century facing threats from foreign powers across the globe as well as having a disorganized infrastructure, Korea was in a state of great pandemonium. The Kabo reforms, the Sino-Japanese War, and Tonghak Rebellion were among the few events that took place in Korea during this time. Enlightenment thinkers such as Yi Hangno, Pak Yonghyo, Chu Sigyong and So Cheap’il addressed these issues in hopes of restructuring and uniting Korea. The writings of Yi Hangno’s “Sinify The Western Barbarians”(1882-1890) and Chu Sigyong’s and So Cheap’il’s “Essay on Working Only for Korea”(1891-1898) brought to attention the threat of foreign powers whilst the writings of Pak Yonghyo’s “Memorial on Domestic Political Reforms”(1882-1890) overtly address the problems with the internal governmental structure. A collaboration of foreign and domestic issues threatened the future of Korea. These intellectuals utilized different approaches in their writings to help strengthen Korea’s core. Rather than looking outside for institutions that would make Korea strong, Yi Hangno, Chu Sigyong, and So Cheap’il’s writings sought to unify Korea by conveying a belligerent tone against foreign influences. This spoke to the majority of the Korean population of which were mostly Confucians. Yi Hangno has a traditional train of thought with a strong belief in Confucianism dismissing European customs as “mistaken practices” (Yi Hangno 5 th ¶) The strategy that he sought to implement was one that he had hoped would unify the people of Korea claiming that they were the more “civilized people” (Yi Hangno 1 st ¶). This in turn would cause Koreans to reject incoming western influences and ideals, thusly promoting nationalism. Furthermore he goes on to discuss how these Europeans may appear to convey a comprehensive
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Paper 1 - David Lun HIEA 150 Professor Todd A Henry First...

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