Perilous Modernization

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Perilous Modernization o Japanese (and other imperialists) used strategies of modernization similar to Kwangmu Reforms for economic and political control o Politics of concessions included 1)Railroads: To secure territory, to extract resources, open markets 2) Loans: subtle but effective way to gain political influence of weak state Toward the Japanese Protectorate 1905-1910 Discussions of Articles o How were Japanese newspaper writers able wield power power over Korea amid growing nationalist sentiment? How did Japanese and Korean writers
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Unformatted text preview: use newspapers differently and in what ways were their usage similar? (Schmid) Inspire other koreans to become more independent Build a more independent korea. Page 102 2 nd paragraph o How did late 19 th century Christianity and male-centered nationalism transform the expected roles of women from those of the Choson period? What were women’s own responses to these new ideologies Gender equality was a kind of potential in civilization and enlightenment, but a potential that is never fully fulfilled...
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