HILD 2A Assignemnt 3

HILD 2A Assignemnt 3 - The Field of Medicine:...

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The Field of Medicine: Mid-Seventeenth Century Nicholas Culpeper’s The English Physician creates a sense that the medical sciences were rather primitive in the mid-seventeenth century. His published work is analogous to that of a cookbook. The remedies, as described in the publication, were to be created from various ingredients that people used to make soup such as lavender and rosemary. Furthermore the remedies in which he provides in his publication appear to be composed of a set of random ingredients supported by ridiculous analogies that lack scientific evidence. It appears as though England, at this time, had had no standard or regulation for the medical profession. Education during this time was predominantly controlled by religion. Furthermore the growth of international trade resulted in the emergence of a capitalist society. It can therefore be inferred that Culpeper was not properly educated in this field of medical science and that his motives in publishing this work was most likely to turn a profit rather than contributing to the medical sciences. Religion had played quite an influential role in many aspects of society especially in that of education, in mid-seventeenth century England, as well as colonial America during this time. Culpeper references God and religious figures such as angels in his publication a countless number of times and the theories behind his remedies convey a lack of knowledge of human
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HILD 2A Assignemnt 3 - The Field of Medicine:...

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