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mandarin 101 - Ching juoh please sit down Ni siang huht sum...

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Hao lun cold Hao cheuuh hot Weo hao uhr hungry Weo tu jeuh ur very hungry Weo yao suay jchao I’m tired Weo siang tsuay I want to go to sleep Weao yao I want Weo yao tsuay I want to sleep Sum muh what Suh ma okay Ni jao sum muh ming juh? what’s your name
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Unformatted text preview: Ching juoh please sit down Ni siang huht sum muh tsuay? What do you want to drink? Cha tea Chi tsuay soft drink Weo siang huht I want to drink Tsuay water Ni coh h Syie syie Chugch yo w...
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