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Mutualism (+/+) o It is an interspecific interaction that benefits both species o Ant/Acacia mutualism Commensalism (+/0) One species benefits and the other is not affected (e.g. epiphytes) Ant bird relationship Species Diversity o Species diversity of a community is the variety of organisms that make up the community o It has two components: species richness and relative abundance o Species richness is the total number of different species in the community o Species diversity The total number of species present Relative evenness of the species o Evenness in typical communities Commonness is rare and rarity is common Rank- abundance curves o Some places have high species diversity, tropical rain forest
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Unformatted text preview: o Other places have low species diversity – this boreal forest is dominated by only two species of trees • Two key factors correlated with a community’s species diversity o Latitude Latitudinal gradients in species richness Species richness generally declines along an equatorial-polar (latitudinal) gradient. o Geographic area • Ecosystems can range from a microcosm, such as an aquarium o To a large area such as a lake or forest. • The Global energy budget o Primary production in an ecosystem is the amountoflight energy converted to chemical energy by autotrophs during a given time period o...
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