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February13Lecture - Cherokees Indian Removal and the...

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2-13-08 - Cherokees, Indian Removal, and the Marshall Cases Cherokee in Tennessee and Georgia area Removal from Cherokee lands o Most of land ceded in 1835 Some moved voluntarily, others were forcibly taken All were forced out by government, some just agreed to leave rather than fight o Moved to reservations in the Oklahoma area o Trail of Tears Northern Cherokees left homeland in 1838 Forced to cross Mississippi river in freezing winter on way to reservations o Reasons for removal Cleared the land for White occupancy between the Appalachians and the Mississippi Cleared it for cotton in the South and grain in the North Cleared for § US expansion § Immigration § Canals and railroads § New cities § The building of a huge continental empire clear across to the Pacific o From 1790 - 1830, American population more than tripled (4 to 13 million) 4.5 million crossed the Appalachian Mtns.
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