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Math 13900 Geometer’s Sketchpad Lesson Lesson 31 Section 25.1 Today we will use the program Geometer’s Sketchpad to investigate the ideas of area and perimeter as well as review transformations. We will just be scratching the surface of what Geometer’s Sketchpad can do, but this should give you an idea of possible ways to use this program in your classroom. To start with, we need to open the program. Go to: Start All Programs Standard Software Design Tools Geometer’s Sketchpad GSP 4.07 Familiarize yourself with the layout of the program. Menus are along the top and tools are on the left. Use the Graph menu to select the “Show grid” option. Choose Grid form: “Square grid.” Use the straightedge tool on the left (4 th button down) to draw a line segment. Continue this process until you have a quadrilateral. When you have completed this, select the selection ARROW tool. Highlight one side of your quadrilateral by clicking on it. From the Measure menu, select “length.” You should have a box that says “mAB = some number.”
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