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Ritual of 10 - Go against the ethics of the church,...

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Ritual of 10,000 lanterns to light the way of death for the fallen warriors. Since the disturbances started in the Hogen [1154-59]. And Genryaku [1184-85] eras, the warriors have made the people uneasy with their constant movements. Maleficent ministers and rebellious warriors have disturbed the nation and have caused wars and many have died far away from their families and have turned into demons. They are like the southern barbarians aspiring to high position, and eastern barbarians who have deviated from the way seeking prosperity. We must safeguard the nation by overcoming the ills of our times and convert them into good.
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Unformatted text preview: Go against the ethics of the church, earthquake was a symbol that that world was coming to end. Failure of people to follow gods teachings. Meiji Restoration- immediate relationship o Have to change the way people think. o Ignorance, the unfamiliar, o Buddhist monks unhappy with the change. o Peasants, Shinto Priests, Government are happy with change. o Organization of the shrine system, Shinto, tied to the state. o Connection to science. Biology, chemistry, physics, physiology. Telegraphs worked because they were using the blood of virgins. This is what people believed....
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