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Lecture 1 - • China torn apart by foreign powers o...

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According to the film, what were the most 3 serious problems facing China at this time. 1911- 1937 Growing discontent with military rule o Military revolt overthrew emperor o Republic of china was declared Weak central government, warlords moved into political background o Warlords fought many battles o People were scared o People’s lives were completely devastated o Warlord of Manchuria, opium warlord= poppy o Landlords, supported by foreign power o Pitting the classes against each other, class struggle, socioeconomic issues Distribution of wealth (socioeconomic issues) o No exploitation o Having food o Soviet union o Taxes collected decades in advance o Forced marriages o Peasant Social reform Hatred of local landlords
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Unformatted text preview: • China torn apart by foreign powers, o England, france, Germany, Japan (1931) o Hated foreigners, “foreign devils” “dividers” not invaders o 1919, warlords/foreigners divided country**** Soviet union support Organist o Lived under autocracy • Nationalists vs Communists (political unrest) o Nationalists won kept communists down o Used American, communists used soviet techniques o Rapid modernization Hospital Buildings Education 1927-1937 nanjing capital decade • modernization • Social Class o Landlords 5% approximately o Merchants/Business 3% o Peasants: 80% o Urban Industrial Workers: 5% o Petite Bourgeoisie: 7% •...
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Lecture 1 - • China torn apart by foreign powers o...

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