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JAPN10A F08 Final Exam Format Information Sheet [Final Exam will cover mainly Chapter 3.] <<200 points total>> Part I I. Orthography (30 pts.) This will be given first and must be completed within the first 40 minutes. If it takes you less than 40 minutes to complete, you may turn it in early to get Part II (Listening, Grammar and Reading). However, once you turn it in, you may not go back to it. A: Katakana: Choose the correct katakana representation for 6 words given in Romanization. Multiple-choice. (0.5 pt. x 6 = 3 pts.) B: Reading Kanji: Write the correct reading in hiragana . (0.5 pt. x 28 kanji = 14 pts.) C: Writing Kanji: Provide the correct kanji for the words written in hiragana. (1 pt. x 13 kanji = 13 pts.) For Orthography Practice transcribing Romanized words into katakana although you do not have to be able to write katakana for the A section. Review pp.57-58 and p.70 of the textbook. The kanji for the B and C sections will be mostly
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