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final_BILD3_S109 KEY - NAME: _ BILD 3 Summer Session 1 2009...

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NAME: _________________________________________________ BILD 3 Summer Session 1 2009 Dr. Reuther Final Exam (245 points) NAME: ________________ ANSWER KEY _______________________________ PID: __________________________________________________ Section/TA: _________________________________________ Directions: There are 23 pages in this exam, including this cover sheet. Please put your name on each page. Only exams written in ink will be accepted for regrades. You can use the space below the line on this page as scratch paper. There are 105 questions. Please be sure your exam is complete. Write your name at the top of each page. Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. Think before you write and confine your answer to the space provided. We will collect exams promptly at 2:30pm. MAKE SHORT ANSWER RESPONSES BRIEF – 1-3 SENTENCES Do not write in the space below. Pg. 1 _________________8 _________________15 _________________22 _________________ 2 _________________9 _________________16 _________________23 _________________ 3 _________________10 _________________17 _________________Total ______________ 4 _________________11 _________________18 _________________ 5 _________________12 _________________19 _________________ 6 _________________13 _________________20 _________________ ___________/_____________ 1
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NAME: _________________________________________________ 7 _________________14 _________________21 _________________ 1. 2pts. Students placed five pillbugs on the dry side of a choice chamber and five pillbugs on the wet side. They collected data as to the number on each side every 30 seconds for 10 minutes. After 6 minutes, eight or nine pillbugs were continually on the wet side of the chamber, and several were under the wet filter paper. Which of the following is NOT a reasonable conclusion from these results? a. It takes the pillbugs several minutes to explore their surroundings and select a preferred habitat. b. Pillbugs prefer a moist environment. c. Pillbugs prefer a dark environment. d. Pillbugs may find chemicals in dry filter paper irritating. e. Pillbugs demonstrate no significant habitat preference. 2. 2pts. Which of the following is NOT a condition that must be met for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? a. Large population size b. No mutations c. No immigration or emigration d. Dominant alleles more frequent than recessive alleles e. No natural selection 3. 2pts. In a population that is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, the frequency of the homozygous recessive genotype is 0.09. What is the frequency of individuals that are homozygous for the dominant allele? .49 4. 2pts. You wake up in a country where the sun shines about 12 hours a day all year, precipitation variation is high, and temperature variation is very low. By the way, you are also scuba diving in a lake and cannot see a thing. Where are you? a.
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final_BILD3_S109 KEY - NAME: _ BILD 3 Summer Session 1 2009...

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