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Math 13700 Fraction Division Quiz Project Spring 2012 The purpose of this project is to demonstrate a clear understanding of two concepts of division using fractions. For this project, two students should work together. You will turn in ONE project for the two of you and both will receive the same grade. The project is worth the same as two quizzes: 20 points. Use only one side of each piece of paper. Your project will have five pages. Cover Page (included at the end of this instruction sheet – Please print out and include.); Page 1) story problem I with arithmetic work and quotient; Page 2) repeated-subtraction problem drawing; Page 3) story problem II with arithmetic work and quotient; Page 4) sharing problem drawing. Staple the pages together. Do the following: I. Write a story problem using the repeated-subtraction concept of division. Show the division arithmetic work and the quotient. Using an entire sheet of unlined paper, make an appropriate drawing for your problem that clearly shows the correct quotient.
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FractionDivisionQuizProjectSpring2012 - Math 13700 Fraction...

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