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Emily Moonan 1. How was David Griffin’s life affected by anosmia? David lost his sense of smell. Anosmia, a loss of sense of smell, occurred because of the accident; it damaged the olfactory nerves that connected to his brain. Gavid could still taste but he could no longer smell anything. Because of this, David cannot smell smoke if there is a fire in his house which would warn him that he needs to get out. He is also in danger of eating rotten food since he cannot smell if the food is spoiled. Also, odors remind people of certain memories; since David cannot smell, he is a bit disconnected from some of his memories. 2. How are odors and memories related? Scientists have found that odors can remind people of certain memories, like the smell of watermelon can remind someone of summer or the smell of an evergreen tree can remind someone of Christmas. The article explained that without memories, odors would not be very important. Gary Lynch explained in the article that the scent enters your nose and once it reaches
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