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Emily Moonan The Subconscious Mind: Your Unsung Hero 1. How is the modern view of subconscious different from Sigmund Freud’s view? The modern view is that the subconscious, or the “unconscious”, is an active part of human behavior and is somewhat guides our behavior in a purposeful way. Scientists think that it is a major part of day-to-day activity. Freud saw the subconscious as in a fight with the more logical part of the human behavior, the conscious mind. He thought of it as a force that was very emotional and impulsive. 2. How does the subconscious affect creativity? The article describes a study done which showed that during the “inspiration” stage a person’s brain does not show very much activity. This implies that the subconscious is doing most of the work while the conscious is not doing much. Then when the “elaboration” stage begins, there is far more activity in the brain, implying that the conscious is doing more of the work. The article
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