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Emily Moonan Eyewitness Article 1. According to the article, when people try to recall an event that they have experienced, what is the actual cognitive process involved? When humans witness something they store it and when it comes time to recall the memory, humans reconstruct the event. We use information from many different sources. The two sources are from the original perception of the event that the person sees and then “inferences drawn later” (Loftus, 179). 2. According to the experiments done by Loftus and her colleagues, what kind of factors in leading questions can influence testimony? The way leading questions are phrased make the person wonder if they saw something or not and, also if used in a court case, influence the jury. There are certain words, in the article the words are “a” and “the”, can change the way the person interprets what they saw or remember. For example, when you say “did you see a weapon?”. The person would then feel comfortable answering either “yes” or “no” based on what they remember seeing.
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