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Emily Moonan 905442263 Where Emotions Come From 1. What is prosopagnosia? Why was this condition discussed in the article? Prosopagnosia is when someone has lost the ability to recognize people’s faces, even when the people’s faces are people the person knows (family and friends). This condition is probably mentioned in the article because while a person with prosopagnosia cannot recognize a person’s face, he/she can still recognize emotion expressed on that person’s face. So, in the article this condition is used to support the idea that facial recognition and emotion perception are separated in the brain. 2. The left hemisphere processes what emotions? The right hemisphere processes what emotions? The left hemisphere processes positive emotions. The right hemisphere processes the negative emotions. 3. Why has Oxytocin been described as the “hormone of love”? Oxytocin is a hormone that scientists have found may “promote the social bonding involved in choosing a mate and reproducing” (Goode, 253). The scientists found this relation in animal
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