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Reading 9-Article - Emily Moonan 905442263 Fear of the Beast Discussion Questions 1 What did Muris et al report were common childhood fears Do any

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Emily Moonan 905442263 Fear of the Beast Discussion Questions 1. What did Muris et al. report were common childhood fears? Do any of those seem surprisingly to you? Muris says that the most common childhood fears are “the dark, animals, blood, and heights” (Muris, 340). Muris also lists the most common fears in children being “not being able to breathe, being hit by a vehicle, bombing attacks, getting burned by fire, falling from a high place, a burglar breaking into their house, earthquakes, death, illness, and snakes” (Muris, 340). I am a little surpreised about the bombing attacks. When I was little I did not know much about that so I did not even know to be scared of it, but I guess since 9/11 children are more aware of bombings. I know I became much more aware of it being a possibility once 9/11 happened. 2. What individual difference variables did the authors say represent the genetic factor constituting ‘neuroticism’ or ‘negative affectivity’ and likely contribute to the
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