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Emily Moonan 905442263 Behavioral Study of Obedience Discussion Questions 1. What steps did Milgram take to ensure the authenticity of the situation to the research participant? The subjects were told they were participating in “a study of memory and learning at Yale University” (Milgram, 437). The experiment was also held “on the grounds of Yale University” (Milgram, 438) which made the experiment appear very legitimate so the participants believed that they were participating in a learning study. The “experiment was explained to them very well; they were told the experiment was meant to help them figure out the “effect of punishment on learning” and whether who was giving the punishment made a difference (Milgram, 438). 2. Several of the participants were found to be laughing. Why did the researchers say this happened? Why do you think this happened? What did the experimenters do to ameliorate any negative effects the study may have had on the participants? The researchers said that the participants were laughing nervously and said it was sign of
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