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Bio-1/20/10 Ecology: study of living organisms, their interaction with each other, different types of organisms and their environment. o Biological factors o Physical Factors Biosphere: everything living and not-living that is essential to survival Ecosystem: a collection of different communities within a defined area living together with the abiotic and other living organisms o Size is by definition Abioitic Factors: Physical, non-living things, geology, altitude, water availability and quality, temperature, climate, and weather factors Biotic Factors: Plants, animals, food resources, diseases, parasites, bacteria, fungi Energy Sources and energy flows in an ecosystem: o Autotrophs= “self-feeding”, photosynthetic organisms (plants, algae) o Heterotrophs= “other feeders” Herbivore-eats plants Carnivore- eats animals Omnivore- eats plants and animals o Decomposers= recycling nutrients Ultimately, energy is from the sun
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Unformatted text preview: Energy Flow Structure (how does energy flow through the ecosystem): o Food Chain= Producers-Autotrophs (weed) Primary Consumer- Herbivore (grasshopper) Secondary Consumer-Carnivore (mouse) Tertiary Consumer- Carnivore (snake) Quatrinary Consumer-Carnivore (eagle) If you cut one piece of the chain out, the rest of the chain collapses o Food Web= many food chains put together If you cut one piece out of the web, there are other alternatives for the consumers, so the web does not collapse Keystone Species: a species that holds an environment together, without it the system would collapse Ecosystems may be nested Ecosystems recycle nutrients o Decomposers job Habitat: Place or surrounding where an organism lives Niche: role of species (plant or animal) within an ecosystem o Ex = Habitat VT and NicheYour major...
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