class notes 2.26 part 2

class notes 2.26 part 2 - Bio 1006: 2/26/10 part 2...

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Bio 1006: 2/26/10 part 2 Adaptation of leaves in the rainforest: light is at the premium so many plants climb tree trunks to get to the sunlight, water can be a problem in many rainforests so many leaves of plants have channels to try to make it easy for water to be absorbed into the plant but at the same time want leaves that don’t let water sit on them for long because then mold and mildew might begin to for, plants on the forest floor compete for sunlight so there are some very bizarre growth patterns Inside some roots, vascular bundles are formed (bundles of xylem and phloem), important ways of getting water from the roots to the plant, xylem is on one side of the bundle and phloem is on the other side and the vascular cambium is in between the 2, phloem are to the outside fo the plant and xylem are to the inside of the plant Vascular Cambium- allows for horizontal growth Why do plants need to be tall: Taller plants are better able to compete for photosynthesis for growth o What are the costs- Because of intense sunlight, there is increased transportation Tall trees need support, trunks and root systems How to lift water to great heights (xylem is how water is lifted to great heights through the tree) How to distribute products of photosynthesis to all parts of the plant
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class notes 2.26 part 2 - Bio 1006: 2/26/10 part 2...

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